"Travel imparts new vigor to the mind"

something new…

So… I am currently living a new life. new friends, new types of food, new classes, new education system, new sleeping pattern, new appreciation for tea-time…

From my experience living abroad, for almost 8 years now, I believe it takes about a year, or may be even 2 years to completely integrate an individual into a new living environment

Like, you may be hanging out with people all the time. sure. But to be truly happy and to be feeling at home, that takes a lot more than a few weeks, or a few months

And I am only here in cambridge for 1 year. So i gotta speed up the process. 

But I am currently in the homesick period

I miss MIT: I miss my friends, my SUPER INTENSE classes when i regularly have to pull all-nighters, my ballroom dance teammates, the occasional screaming and hugging when i see my gal pals.  

I miss my parents: who cook me SUPER AWESOME FOOD and tell me that everything is going to be okay 

oh man

I think we should move on to something more cheerful


i call this my writer’s desk. It’s such an old-school british desk. The view outside my window is pretty nice. Me likey.

Okay this is one thing I don’t get. WHYYYYYYY ISSSSSS THEEEEEE BEDDDDD SOOOO TINYYYYY? I mean english teenagers  young adults are NOT THAT SMALL!

The whole thang!!!!!

Okay, peace out y’all. I don’t have a camera now so no pretty pictures of cambridge yet. sad face. soon.soon

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